Monday, September 7, 2009


There is a tamil saying which translates to "sleep is the daily rehersal we practice for the play called death".

10:30 pm - Your start to feel lazy, your brain does not register the movie you are watchin or the book you are reading. If you are dare to contain yourself for half and hour...your brain gets revived for some godforsaken reason and sleep becomes a distant memory.

6:00 am - You switch off the alarm and go back to such deep sleep that dreams appear in bright technicolor.

7:00 am - Your mind fools you at this time everyday. It will make you promise that you can postpone your jogging to the evening. "Evening never comes" though. You drift back to sleep.

2:00 pm - We can have competitions like 'number of yawns per minute'. Maybe it is the lunch you have had or the Italian siesta blood in is damn difficult to keep your eyes open much less concentrate on your work. So it should be appreciated, if an employee or student actually has their eye open during this time.

These are the different times in a day when I practice for death :)


Hema said...

So ja meri beti so ja......
Sleeep is very essential but you should not over sleep - for you to become lazyyyyyyy :P

Now r u doing it essentially or lazying aournd :P

Buffy said...

@hema....take a wild guess :p

Mariya said...

Yawn :O