Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I love my new pair of sandals :)

I fondly call it my salsa heels...(though I have no clue as to how ladies manage to walk much less do the salsa with it!) Everytime I wear the sandals I feel very girlie girlie...I'm not sure why though. You get the feeling that everyone are giving you more than a passing glance just cause your feet are prettily clad.

My best friend bougth me these sandals (I'm supposed to pay her back....haven't done that yet :p) Also, it is my very first heeled experience. That also means I have not mastered the catwalk yet. Friends and family around me become extra apprehensive when I strut around in them. It's very comical to see their eyes follow my feet, praying every second that I don't sprain or fracture my ankle.

Ha...but my sandals have really inspired me....I'm joining salsa next month ;)

Friday, August 14, 2009


It is a very ackward experience to look into a meat shop.

I had an early morning errand to make - shopping for onions, wheat dough, some dal, etc. I was strolling lethargically enjoying the early morning (8.30) chillness. I happened to look into a meat shop while passing. The butcher was cleaning his wares to put them on display.

A face - that will haunt me forever. The butcher was cleaning the head of a goat. With the skin removed, the face had a perpetual grin and demented eyes. was such a scary sight. The butcher arranged a set of heads on his table, as if to show off his brutality like in the movie Mask of Zorro.

One of the carcass hanging from the hooks, the bushy end on the goat's tail was gently swishing around a customer's head. It is really a wonder how people manage to eat meat after witnessing such inhuman sights. It's not enough to be human, you need to ensure that you are not inhuman.

Post written by a true non-vegetarian.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm back!

For guys who are following my wallet has been returned to me with lots of love and at the cost of Rs. 200.

An auto driver, found my wallet which I had lost to the pickpockets last week. My wallet was found in a different part of the city. He asked to be rewarded for returning the wallet out of good will. anything is better than applying for a duplicate license and PAN card and other stuff. It is a cliche to learn from other's experience, so I won't ask you people not to carry your original cards in your wallet :)

Ciao...I'm gonna go and celebrate my good luck or whatever it is :p

Monday, August 3, 2009

How disgusting is disgustin?

I have taken it as my solemn duty to disgust some of my close friends :p

It is just too much fun to listen to their grumblings of disgust everyday. So everyday in the morning, I describe my morning duties (delicately put!) to them in graphic details including sound effects :) All I have to do is message them and wait for the bombardum of replies from their side.

Unfortunately, they dig their own graves each morn by acidently asking me innocent questions. For example: If I say plop, plop, plop...they reply what is that sound. How can I resist then.

He he he he he :)

A room of one's own???

I was forced to read up on Virginia Woolf's "A Room of one's own" as it was a prescribed text in my graduate studies. But once I started I had to complete the book. It was a very thought provoking book.

But after Sunday's experience, I would say a car of one's own is much much more preferable ;) My friends and I decided to drive down to Vellore to attend our friend's 'godh barai' ceremony. On the way there, my friend drove of us. But while coming back, I drove them back.

As we had just completed our lunch and it was 2 pm when we started, all of us were drowsy. Before we could hit the highway, all my passengers were fast asleep. I maintained a constant speed of 120km and we reached Chennai in one and half hour.

It was amazing...tranquil and fun!

Everybody should have a time driving a good conditioned car every month or something. It is a good sport and leaves you calm and rejuvenated. Listening to good music, enjoying the drive and having company, sleeping or otherwise is worth a day of fun. Have fun all of you!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


After residing more than 20 years in a city, you still get to be shocked by it sometimes.

I have had the oppurtunity to have travelled in all forms of road transport, includin lorrys. But, last night was special...unforgettable. As I had left office early, I decided to board a bus home. The bus was relatively empty. A lady with a kid was standing beside me. Her little sister was behind me and trying hard to hold on to the bus. The nice conductor got up and let the kid take his place. The kid was mesmerized by the whistle that the conductor used. She was valiantly trying to blow on the whistle. But all that was heard was a feeble phhuuu... The passengers in the bus where all smiling to themselves...wat a brat. My stop came and I got down and went home.

Today, saturday morning. I was dragging my feet to come to office. I was pissed off that my previous office had not given my final settlement. I was totally bankrupt. Finally, I was ready to come to office. Took an auto and reached office. Surprise Surprise....someone had picked my bag and stolen my wallet. I was stumped...then I realised, why was the lady's sister leaning heavily on my bag when there was lots of space in the bus.

Ah...I can never call myself street-smart anymore :(