Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm back!

For guys who are following my wallet has been returned to me with lots of love and at the cost of Rs. 200.

An auto driver, found my wallet which I had lost to the pickpockets last week. My wallet was found in a different part of the city. He asked to be rewarded for returning the wallet out of good will. anything is better than applying for a duplicate license and PAN card and other stuff. It is a cliche to learn from other's experience, so I won't ask you people not to carry your original cards in your wallet :)

Ciao...I'm gonna go and celebrate my good luck or whatever it is :p


Hema said...

Congratulations ...... May be god did not want you to loose again anything in the bus and make another auto guy to return ur stuff.

So start taking ur bike to office and maja maadi

Sanjeev said...

I had to go through something similar during my first week here...albeit there were no noble souls lurking around.... Thankfully there were some at office to lend me some money till I got my atm cards back... I've stopped carrying a wallet since!!!