Friday, August 14, 2009


It is a very ackward experience to look into a meat shop.

I had an early morning errand to make - shopping for onions, wheat dough, some dal, etc. I was strolling lethargically enjoying the early morning (8.30) chillness. I happened to look into a meat shop while passing. The butcher was cleaning his wares to put them on display.

A face - that will haunt me forever. The butcher was cleaning the head of a goat. With the skin removed, the face had a perpetual grin and demented eyes. was such a scary sight. The butcher arranged a set of heads on his table, as if to show off his brutality like in the movie Mask of Zorro.

One of the carcass hanging from the hooks, the bushy end on the goat's tail was gently swishing around a customer's head. It is really a wonder how people manage to eat meat after witnessing such inhuman sights. It's not enough to be human, you need to ensure that you are not inhuman.

Post written by a true non-vegetarian.


Mariya said...

This, coming from someone who relishes mutton to no end :)

Mariya said...

I have a doubt, Is the spelling of "ackward" deliberately wrong??? or r u makin a statement