Saturday, August 1, 2009


After residing more than 20 years in a city, you still get to be shocked by it sometimes.

I have had the oppurtunity to have travelled in all forms of road transport, includin lorrys. But, last night was special...unforgettable. As I had left office early, I decided to board a bus home. The bus was relatively empty. A lady with a kid was standing beside me. Her little sister was behind me and trying hard to hold on to the bus. The nice conductor got up and let the kid take his place. The kid was mesmerized by the whistle that the conductor used. She was valiantly trying to blow on the whistle. But all that was heard was a feeble phhuuu... The passengers in the bus where all smiling to themselves...wat a brat. My stop came and I got down and went home.

Today, saturday morning. I was dragging my feet to come to office. I was pissed off that my previous office had not given my final settlement. I was totally bankrupt. Finally, I was ready to come to office. Took an auto and reached office. Surprise Surprise....someone had picked my bag and stolen my wallet. I was stumped...then I realised, why was the lady's sister leaning heavily on my bag when there was lots of space in the bus.

Ah...I can never call myself street-smart anymore :(


Mariya said...

poor lil baby girl :(

Hema said...

Feel very sad for you honey :(

Well the moral of the day would be " Be away from all the external objects nearing
You " beat a human or an animal
By now all of us have learnt a lesson that we should not leave the bag open in any public places.