Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I love my new pair of sandals :)

I fondly call it my salsa heels...(though I have no clue as to how ladies manage to walk much less do the salsa with it!) Everytime I wear the sandals I feel very girlie girlie...I'm not sure why though. You get the feeling that everyone are giving you more than a passing glance just cause your feet are prettily clad.

My best friend bougth me these sandals (I'm supposed to pay her back....haven't done that yet :p) Also, it is my very first heeled experience. That also means I have not mastered the catwalk yet. Friends and family around me become extra apprehensive when I strut around in them. It's very comical to see their eyes follow my feet, praying every second that I don't sprain or fracture my ankle.

Ha...but my sandals have really inspired me....I'm joining salsa next month ;)


Mariya said...

you are????

Hema said...

I will be really happy to c u walk with it on the road for atleast a KM first :P

All the best for ur classes :)

Buffy said... want to be my dancing partner?

Mariya said...

no thank you you are not my type darl.

Sindhu. Nayar said...

I want to c u walk with it...ha ha hahaaaaaaaaa