Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Masala aplenty!

A fight...the guy swirls his sword defending himself from bullets coming at him from all directions. And it isn't even 4 or 8 directions, it is from 360 degrees. Slow motion shot - a bullet behind him, the guy sees it in his sword, turns around and chops it to two.

The hero is chased on jeeps and helicopter. He is on a bike. He manages to blow up the jeeps and one of them actually flies up to hit the helicopter and all come down. Fortunately for the hero, there is gravel on the path. He rubs the metallic protrusion from his hand on the gravel igniting the helicopter with the friction.

Dil mange more?

Have you heard about the three mile island nuclear disaster? No? The climax of the movie is tied up to it. Please watch.

You might think i'm talking about a vijaykanth movie or a vijay movie....but no. This is Hollywood, anything can happen here :)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a fantastic entertainer. Hugh Jackman is mouth watering. Fortunately for us girls, he keeps taking off his shirt for no apparent reason.

It's a fun weekend movie to watch. It will tickle you some too.


Hema said...


Sanjeev said...

U cud’ve done urself a world of good watching Wake up Sid instead of this mindless action flick…albeit at the expense of some fun n drool!!

Buffy said...

@Sanjeev...I did watch 'Wake up Sid', nothing great about it. I didn't feel anything at the end of the tears, no smiles, no nothing. Weird!

Sanjeev said...

I meant a decent watchable Bollywood flick after ages... something akin to DCH..