Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sniff Sniff (That's the sound of me crying silently)

The bottom line is: My muse has gone on vacation :(

One may wonder why I have given the bottom line at the top. And the reason is beyond me! Actually there is no reason at all. It is as simple and as complicated as that. I know I'm rambling, but what the hell, who am I hurting anyway.

Coming back to the point, and I don't mean this '.' but the point of this blog.

I have been trying to write a poem for a month now. Please don't be a 'mused by it. I have a master's degree which says I'm good at writing stuff apart from knowing my literature. Really! Anyway, I have not been able to think of anything to write about. And as I push and shove various ideas in my head, my brain becomes more and more stubborn-refusing to churn out anything even remotely brilliant.

You may ask why am I trying to write a poem now...out of the blue. It is part of my training as a copy writer. I can't even use the excuse that someone is holding a gun to my head and pressuring me to write. And that is the reason I'm stuck with nothing. No, I was just asked to revive my poetry collection that's all.

So the bottom line which is actually the top line, my muse is gone away without even a 'ta ta'. And I'm not sure if i should go looking for my muse or just write a poem without her/him (Hope my muse looks like Hugh Jackman in Wolverine) The muse might come back and fight about copyright issues never knows.

Hmmm... let me go back to gazing at the ceiling, doors, and windows looking for inspiration. Anyone out there, if you can help in writing a poem, I shall adopt you as my new muse, with wages but no copyrights.

Ps. Though I dream of Hugh Jackman as my muse, I'm pasting the orthodox Greek muse image in the blog.


Vidya said...

:( Maybe you need to just go away for awhile, a well deserved break?! I suppose you have a writers block, in the literal sense.. Dont think too much about it. Begin anywhere, about anything, pen a single line, maybe another day you might come up with the 2nd. Dunno, it works that way for me.. Good luck :) :)

Hema said...

Ranjani since u r so obsessed with hugh jackman, why don't you go to the peak of a mountain and feel his presence??? It might inspire you to write a poem :0

Mariya said...

Like me u can try lookin for a muse within urself :) should do the trick :p

Anonymous said...

Love's been the best source of inspiration for any form of it art, music, poetry...the works.. :)

Ranjani said...

@Anonymous...That's great! Apart from my muse, I need to go looking for love now :p

Anonymous said...

Just look around for love... u'll get the muse for free!! :)