Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eid mubarak :)

I'm totally secular. Speaking at a broader level, I have been to temples, churches and unfortunately no mosques yet. Please no one assume that i visit the religious sites often or periodically. That's so not the case. I go once in a blue moon and that too as a companion to a friend or family.

With all that said, let me come to the point of this blog. One of my best friends is a Muslim. She is religious to the same degree as me though she does go to the mosque more often. What she does there is anybody's guess :) So, she religiously fasts during the month of Ramadan. To support her, we try not to indulge our palates for this month. More than all the Ramadan observers put together, we friends are very anxious for Eid to come.

No mistakes about the anxiety, not concern about her health or anything. We are constantly updated about the yummy food she gets every evening to break her fast. The anxiety for the D day is truly for BIRIYANI. Though it is not customary to make biriyani on this day, aunty makes it out of compulsion to feed us poor -biriyani-starved souls.

This time, we were invited for dinner. I almost starved during breakfast and lunch so that i can gorge myself during dinner. Aunty had made kheer for to sweeten us up, which was gulped down with intensity. Any stranger would have thought us at death's door out of starvation.

To further build up our appetite and also to let the biriyani cook at peace, the whole family played Uno, a card game. I was totally out of luck in this game. I was always almost the last player to finish the cards. Finally, the spicy aroma of biriyani beckoned us. Usually at her place, we all eat in a thaali, a big plate. This time to avoid attacking others share, we decided on separate plates.

Pure and heartfelt bliss. Aunty served platefuls of authentic, traditional mutton biriyani. It was accompanied with spicy baigan curry and onion raitha. Slowly and steadily the biriyani went in silence. There was no talk of anyone wasting a single grain. Even those that slipped our fingers were later picked and eaten. Eid came to a grand finale and navarathri sparkled open with our happy and saturated bellies.

It took me so long to come out of the biriyani stupor to write this blog :)


Mariya said...

you're welcome :) expecting a feast in your house soon

Buffy said...

@Mariya...come macha come :)

Sindhu. Nayar said...
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Anonymous said...

Njoyed the biriyani eh!!Envy U!!!
I am reminded of our feast on Crab n rice @ Anjappar!!

Buffy said... we actually scandalised ppl :)